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Highlights on newly issued anti-corruption regulations applicable to private sector
Aug 20 2019

The National Assembly of Vietnam has promulgated Law No. 36/2018/QH14 dated 20 November 2018, effective from 01 July 2019 on Anti-corruption (AC Law 2018) to supersede Law No. 55/2005/QH11 dated 29 November 2005 (which was then amended by Law No. 01/2007/QH11 dated 04 August 2007 and Law No. 27/2012/QH13 dated 23 November 2012) (AC Law 2005). Following the AC Law 2018, the Government has recently issued the guiding Decree No. 59/2019/ND-CP dated 01 July 2019, effective from 15 August 2019, with guideline for the implementation of the AC Law 2018 (Decree 59).  

With these new regulations, the new law on anti-corruption has now been widened its scope of application – it no longer only applies to govern behaviours of the public sector – but will also apply its supervisory upon behaviours of private entities. In this update, we note a number of remarkable changes required by the new regulations for private sector’s attention. 

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