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Vietnam employment-related matters concerning the Coronavirus outbreak
Apr 17 2020

The Prime Minister of Vietnam has declared the Coronavirus as a national pandemic, and officially issued an order to put the country under social distancing within 15-day period from 01 April 2020. And on 15 April, the Prime Minister has confirmed further order to extend the social distancing in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other 10 provinces until 22 April, with open consideration to further extend until 30 April or more, depending on actual situation of the outbreak in Vietnam (the review of which is on the Government agenda next week). 

Following the Prime Minister’s orders, Vietnamese authorities have implemented multiple measures to control the Coronavirus outbreak in Vietnam, such as travel bans, border closures and quarantine. Significantly, the provincial authorities of the two largest economic hubs in Vietnam (i.e., Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City) have quickly responded by the issuance of many administrative orders to temporarily shut down a lot of businesses such as education, tourism and entertainment in February, March and April.

Despite the positive outcome to help control the outbreak of Coronavirus in the country, the social distancing and other preventive measures, however, have put the business to face many challenges in employment matters. In this note, we will discuss some frequently asked issues, from Vietnamese labor laws point of view, that employers should take into consideration to respond to this first-time-ever circumstance. 

Further details of this legal update can be found here.

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